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 Personalised Health Screening

No two people are the same.


As such, treatments that may work for someone may not work for another.


AOVital is a preventative care programme dedicated to help maintain your health by using the latest equipment available. Rest assured that we provide appropriate health screening tests, as well as provide comprehensive diagnoses in order to ensure you receive the accurate results to detect and treat any potential health problems early.

AOVITAL Men's Health Screening

mens medical health screening penang

Did you know that men all over the world have a shorter life expectancy than women? This is why health screening is especially important these days as men are susceptible to health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

By getting a health screening, you can make vital changes to your lifestyle and seek treatment early. Beat the odds and improve your quality of life to keep up with the incredibly fast-paced world.

AOVITAL Women's Health Screening

Womens health screening Penang

Behind every man, there is a great woman. We’ve all heard this before, and there are always women in your life who has been supportive from the very beginning. Whether it’s your mother, sister or daughter, chances are they ignore their health concerns because they put others first. Because of the many responsibilities women must bear every day, they are at risk of many common health conditions such as cervical cancer, joint pains and diabetes.

We also offer an extended women well check,  the AO Elite Female Health Management.

All tests are performed by a female doctor and includes the following:

  • Full medical history review, including family history.

  • Full examination including breast examination and pelvic examination.

  • Premier body composition and body water analysis, with AOKLINIK exclusive Inbody770 analyzer.

  • Blood pressure measure

  • Blood test – a full blood test including red cell and white cell counts, liver function, kidney function, diabetes screening test and cholesterol levels.  Thyroid function is also measured as a part of this blood test.

  • Urine test to screen for abnormalities that may be due to diabetes, an infection or kidney problems.

  • Breast examination 

  • Cervical smear test

  • HPV Vaccination

AOVITAL Active Lives Health Screening

Sports Health Screening Penang

Working out and keeping your body fit used to be a fad, but not anymore. Everyone understands that going to the gym regularly is the only way to maintain a good figure, but what people don’t know is that living the fit life can be physically taxing on the body.


Those who lead intensely active lives or work out are recommended to get an Active Lives health screening, to understand your body better.

AOVITAL Blood Screening

Wondering if you’re at the peak of your health or your quality of life has been bothering you lately? Get tested now, with AOVital’s blood tests.

Not all blood tests are the same. At AOKLINIK, we have several types of blood tests that can indicate different things about your body.

We have a Complete Blood Count (CBC), a test that measures your number of red and white blood cells, as well as levels of haemoglobin among others. CBC can tell you if you have an infection, an immune system disorder or even cancer.

Our blood tests are also able to generate a metabolic panel. The results from such a test can indicate any potential issues with muscles like your heart, kidneys or liver function and even your bones. We also have further tests for kidney function such as blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine levels.

Another type of blood test is lipoprotein, and it is used to measure your cholesterol levels or the amount of fats in your blood. THey are broken down into three different parts; HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. Results from a lipoprotein test can help determine if you’re at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. (Fasting may be required.)

AOVital’s blood tests can also check your glucose levels, to look for signs that indicate diabetes or prediabetes.

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