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restylane skn boosters, 水光针

About Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally occurring in the human body. It has an amazing water-binding capacity.


Hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules, thereby keeping skin naturally hydrated. In addition, it adds firmness and elasticity.


As we age our body’s hyaluronic acid production diminishes. As a result skin can become dry and dull.

Why TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] Skin Booster?

TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] Skin Booster uses clinically proven stabilized hyaluronic acid. Skin Booster deeply hydrates skin where needed most. Skin Booster gradually improves skin. The skin regains its former healthy glow.

How TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] Skin Booster works?

Contrary to the corrective use of fillers (filling lines, adding volume, correcting contours), Skin booster is used to care for skin from the inside.


Skin booster increases skin quality by restoring hydro-balance. Irregularities and lines are diminished, creating smooth supple skin.


TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] Skin Booster uses hydrating hyaluronic acid microinjections to replenish the loss of natural hyaluronic production and improve skin quality from the inside for long-lasting results.


The treatment consists of a series of ultra-fine injections applied by our doctors.


TEOSYAL® Redensity [I] Skin Booster enhances skin quality and texture by improving hydration deep down within the skin, which shows at the surface. The skin becomes smoother, more elastic and firmer, giving it a new radiance.

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