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Boost natural collagen, improve skin quality,
and bring out your youthful glow with Sculptra

Not just another filler. Sculptra is a biostimulatory aesthetic injectable that helps stimulate your own natural collagen production to smooth facial wrinkles and improve skin tightness, revealing a refreshed-looking you.

  • When injected into the cheek region.

The Signature 2-year Sculptra Glow

Glowing skin starts within. Sculptra gradually helps restore your skin foundation, with results seen as early as 1 month after treatment and lasting up to 2 years, revealing natural-looking firmness and improved skin quality.

95% of patients† had improved skin glow 2 years after Sculptra treatment

galderma sculptra treatment available at aoklinik penang

At AOKLINIK, we are proud to offer Sculptra® treatments, an innovative approach to facial rejuvenation that goes beyond traditional dermal fillers. Sculptra® is an FDA-approved injectable that stimulates the body’s own collagen production, gradually restoring facial volume and improving skin structure over time.

How Sculptra® Works

Sculptra® is made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible and biodegradable substance that helps replace lost collagen. Unlike other fillers that provide immediate results, Sculptra® works subtly and gradually over a series of treatments. The results are natural-looking and long-lasting, typically up to two years.

Benefits of Sculptra®

  • Long-Lasting Results: Sculptra® offers results that can last more than two years, providing a sustainable solution to facial aging.

  • Natural Appearance: By stimulating collagen production, Sculptra® helps achieve a more youthful and natural look.

  • Gradual Improvement: Treatments are spread over a few months, allowing for subtle, progressive enhancement without the sudden changes typical of other fillers.

What to Expect

The treatment process with Sculptra® involves multiple sessions over a few months. Each session helps gradually improve the skin's structure and restore lost facial volume. Our experienced practitioners at AOKLINIK ensure that every treatment is tailored to your individual needs for optimal results.

Why Choose AOKLINIK?

  1. Expertise: Our team of highly trained professionals has extensive experience with advanced injectable techniques.

  2. Personalized Care: We tailor each treatment to the unique needs of our patients, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

  3. Safety and Quality: At AOKLINIK, we adhere to the highest standards of safety, using only FDA-approved products.

At AOKLINIK, we embody our core values of proactive beauty and cancelling age through our Sculptra® treatments. By using the latest advancements in aesthetic technology and prioritizing patient-centric care, we ensure that every individual receives personalized and effective treatment. Our commitment to safety and quality ensures that you can trust us with your journey to rejuvenation.

Experience the transformative power of Sculptra® at AOKLINIK, where we combine cutting-edge treatments with personalized care to help you look and feel your best.

​click here to book your personalised consultation session with our doctors to find out more. A professional personalized Sculptra treatment at AOKLINIK starts from RM3500. This includes a thorough consultation and a comprehensive full-face treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Sculptra is a revolutionary treatment designed to restore facial volume and rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production. Our FAQ aims to provide you with essential information on what to expect before and after your Sculptra treatment. At AOKLINIK, we prioritize personalized care and cutting-edge techniques to ensure you achieve natural and beautiful results. For more detailed insights or to book your consultation, please schedule your personalised consultation session today.

Sculptra Pre-Treatment FAQ

  1. What is Sculptra, and how does it work?

    • Explanation: Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that stimulates collagen production to restore facial volume and improve skin texture. It uses poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to gradually enhance facial contours and create a more youthful appearance.

  2. How should I prepare for my Sculptra treatment at AOKLINIK?

    • Preparation: Avoid alcohol, aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications 24-48 hours before your appointment to reduce bruising risks. Hydrate well and arrive with a clean, makeup-free face.

  3. What can I expect during my Sculptra consultation at AOKLINIK?

    • Consultation: Our doctors will assess your skin, discuss your aesthetic goals, and design a personalized treatment plan. You’ll receive a thorough explanation of the procedure, expected outcomes, and aftercare.

  4. Are there specific instructions or medications to avoid before treatment?

    • Guidance: Inform us about any medications or supplements you are taking. Some may need to be paused to minimize potential side effects.

Post-Treatment FAQ

  1. What should I expect immediately after my Sculptra treatment at AOKLINIK?

    • Care: Expect mild redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, which usually resolve within a few days. Use a cold pack to reduce swelling and avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours.

  2. When will I see results from my Sculptra treatment?

    • Results: Sculptra gradually works over a few weeks to months as it stimulates collagen production. Full results typically appear after a series of treatments and can last up to two years.

  3. What are the potential side effects of Sculptra?

    • Side Effects: Side effects might include redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites. These are temporary and usually resolve quickly. Our doctors will provide guidance on managing any discomfort.

  4. How long should I wait between Sculptra treatments?

    • Interval: Treatments are generally spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The number of sessions depends on your individual goals and response to the treatment.

  5. Can I resume normal activities after Sculptra treatment?

    • Activities: Yes, but avoid intense exercise and exposure to extreme temperatures for the first 24 hours. You can return to your regular skincare routine the following day.

  6. How can I maintain the results of my Sculptra treatment?

    • Maintenance: Follow the aftercare instructions, stay hydrated, and schedule periodic touch-up sessions to maintain collagen levels and prolong results.

  7. What should I do if I have concerns after my Sculptra treatment?

    • Support: Contact us if you experience any issues or have concerns. Our team is here to ensure your treatment is effective and comfortable.

  8. Can I combine dermal fillers and Sculptra in one session?

    • Combination: Yes, combining dermal fillers with Sculptra in a single session is possible and often beneficial. This combination can address volume loss and enhance facial contours simultaneously. Our doctors will create a tailored plan to achieve the best results for you.

A patient at AOKLINIK is holding a Sculptra brochure, looking at the information with interest. The brochure features details about Sculptra treatments for facial rejuvenation, including benefits and expected results. The background shows the welcoming and professional environment of AOKLINIK, with the patient engaging in a consultation or awaiting a treatment. The scene conveys the clinic’s commitment to educating patients about their aesthetic options.
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