Almost our entire body is covered with hair. However, some of us may have darker, course hair in places that we wouldn't want. It may be a question of hygiene or aesthetics.

In any case, excessive body hairs may often be considered as embarrassing and bothersome, especially in body areas likelegs, bikini line, chest, neck, arms and armpits, back and so on.

Laser hair removal is becoming the mainstream with women as well as men. It's one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in practices all over the world.

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting, comfortable solution!

  • No more discomfort 

  • No more ingrown hair

  • No more irritated or infected skin

  • Much faster and more efficient procedure

Why Fotona?

The deep penetration of Fotona Nd: YAG laser ensures it reaches even the deepest hair follicles, while its low absorption in all skin types ensures the surrounding tissue is preserve. This guarantees a safe, fast and effective hair removal, even with the darkest skin types, without causing epidermal damage, in which other light-based treatments may inherently cause. The procedure is quick and largely pain-free. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately.

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